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Section 6256 of the Public Records Act requires access to public records within 10 days the date of receipt. The Division will make every effort to provide access within 10 days with advance notification for an appointment to review records. This allows us time to retrieve files from off-site and review files. Should the request take longer than 10 days, the department will inform the requestor of additional time needed to perform the request.

County policy for file review: An Expedited File Review can be arranged for a fee of $50 and we will contact you within three (3) working days to schedule your expedited appointment. Seven (7) site addresses per expedited request. **Please indicate in the comment box below if you are requesting files to be expedited.

Provide complete address (street number, street name and city) or Assessor's Parcel Number.

The requesting party will be notified as soon as files/documents are available.

Cancelling a records request, contact Environmental Health at 650-372-6200.

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